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PizzaPlant Gluten Free Pizza Dough MIX

Pizza Sauce

Our flour is now available for sale! Each bag makes 2 medium pizzas!  

Some gluten free information. We have our own proprietary gluten free flour mix that we’ve been using for many years. No one else uses our formula. We make as many gluten free items in house as possible. In order to do this we make everything on Wednesday mornings. This is the best way to eliminate cross contamination. We do our best to make enough to last through the week, until next Wednesday, but sometimes we do run out. We do offer our entire gluten free menu every day of the week, but we can only guarantee that we have all the items on Wednesday. We do our best to have a stock throughout the week. If you are going to be visiting us on a day other than Wednesday, please call ahead to make sure we have the specific items that you are looking for.

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