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Hockey Puck Bottle Opener -PuckOpener

Buffalo NY Only

The PuckOpener combines two great things, hockey and beer, by making bottle openers out of REAL hockey pucks. While hockey is a tough sport, there's no one tougher than the goalie. Especially back in the day when wearing a mask was viewed as a new phenomenon. 

LET'S GO BUFFALO! LET'S GO BUFFALO! This chant has been echoing through Buffalo since the first puck dropped in back in October of 1970. 

The puck is the perfect size for a bottle opener, it gives the user a lot of leverage when prying off that cap. The opener plate and all the fasteners are stainless steel so no worries about rust. There's also a magnet at the bottom to catch the cap so it doesn't go flying off. Makes a great coaster too. The pucks are made in Slovakia but the machining, opener plate, and assembly is all done in Buffalo, NY.

Nobody loves their city as much as Buffalonians! BUFFALOVE!

  • Some rubber from one side of the puck is machined out so a brushed stainless steel opener plate can be inserted and secured by four screws.
  • A magnet is also attached to the puck. This stops the cap from flying off when opening a bottle. The GIF does a great job of showing this feature.
  • And because everything is recessed below the surface of the puck you can actually play a regular hockey game with The PuckOpener.

Side note: If I had a time machine the first thing I would do is go back and watch a 70s hockey game with no helmets. Probably the "Fog Game" in the 1975 Stanley Cup Finals between the Flyers and the Sabres.

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