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Boss Gourmet After-Sauce (16 oz) Glass


Boss Sauce® is an all natural Gourmet Sauce. It has been specially prepared using only the finest natural ingredients available. Its unique flavor has been achieved only after years of dedicated refinement by our family. Our unique process naturally preserves our Gourmet Sauce. Boss Sauce® Gourmet After-Sauce served hot or cold, can greatly enhance the flavor of any meat, fish or dish. Also great on tossed salads and macaroni salads. Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Vegan, Fat Free, and MSG Free. Directions: For best results simmer Boss Sauce® Gourmet After-Sauce for approximately 3 minutes and pour over your cooked meat, fish or dish.

No fat. No cholesterol. Kosher. Celebrating over 25 years. Try Boss Sauce on: chicken; ribs; meatloaf; fish fillets; cold cuts; hamburgers; hot dogs.  Now, prepare your taste buds for a tantalizing, sweet, spicy-hot, Gourmet After-Sauce that surpasses any other.

Great on anything, this version of Boss Sauce is a gourmet after-sauce that adds just the right amount of flavor.

Kosher Gourmet After-Sauce


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